Most adults will have a minimum of one attack of hemorrhoids in their lifetime. Women are especially prone to developing them later in their pregnancy, both before and after the birth. Men and women often get them because of the straining caused by constipation. The helpful advice in this article offers several ways to avoid or treat this unpleasant condition.

Keep your anus clean as possible.Use wet wipes to clean up instead of toilet paper for cleansing as they are gentler and more comfortable to use. Taking a hot sitz bath can help relieve the swelling and pain cause by hemorrhoids. You should soak in it for 20 minutes at a minimum.

Blood Vessels

Rutin can help out with your hemorrhoid problems. One possible cause of hemorrhoids is compromised blood vessels. Rutin helps vitamin C and can strengthen blood vessels. The recommended daily is 500mg in supplement form.

You can use common household items in your kitchen that will help relieve hemorrhoid symptoms. One way to relieve the discomfort of hemorrhoids is to make an ice pack. Applying an ice helps to alleviate the soreness and tenderness that goes along with the condition.

Add a bit of lemon to any water you drink; this can help with your hemorrhoids. Lemon is known to reduce the irritation associated with hemorrhoids. Drink lemon water often to improve how you feel during the day!

Hemorrhoids can be similar to chicken pox in terms of resisting the urge to scratch them.You have to avoid scratching so that you do not tear your skin. If they get opened for any reason, and open your body to getting bacterial infections.

Lifting heavy for you to lift can possibly cause hemorrhoids.

If you don’t get enough fruit and vegetables in your regular diet, it is important that you take some fiber supplements every day.

Try to sit straight with your knees raised.

Use a hemorrhoid cream made for hemorrhoids; just don’t use it too often. Creams don’t alleviate irritation or swelling, but will not do anything for the inflammation and the swelling. Check with your physician if you feel the need to use them for longer than seven days. Excessive use of these products can lead to even more painful hemorrhoids.

Wet Cloth

Scratching may cause serious damage or infection in the area where skin has been damaged by scratching. If you are very itchy, you can pat with a wet cloth, so that it is cleansed. The feeling of itchiness may be from not having the area clean, so patting using a wet cloth can help clean it and relieve some itching.

As we learned, many adults are going to have hemorrhoids in their lifetime, and a number of them will experience that problem over and over. This painful condition can be mostly avoided with proper diet and exercise.

By pauline