Is acid reflux making you bear? You may not even be aware that you have it as the symptoms acid reflux can be a surprise to many. In addition to common heartburn, a throat lump, nauseated and experience the sensation of a lump in your throat. Read this article to prevent the start of these irritating symptoms.

Be sure to have dinner no less than three hours before going to bed. The acid and foods you’ve eaten stay in your stomach stays put when you are awake and upright. Laying down can cause acid to come back up.

Acid reflux is often aggravated by the way you eat. Many people like to eat way too fast pace and have far too much food in each meal. This isn’t the best approach for someone suffering reflux issues. You need to eat at the dinner table. Chew food carefully and lay down your fork between bites.

Keep your head up by elevating the top half of your mattress while you’re sleeping. You can also find beds that are electronically controlled.

Eliminate spicy foods from your diet.Spicy foods can cause your acid reflux symptoms much worse. Avoid these items and feel better.

Stress can be a major contributor of acid reflux. You can watch some television, read or simply watch some television.

Slippery elm is a supplement which can thicken the mucous lining layer of the stomach. This guards the stomach against acid buildup from acid. Many people take a tablespoon or two in some water after they’ve eaten and prior to bed for the most relief.

Keep an eye on the types of foods you eat so you know what causes your acid reflux issues. You can still eat small quantities of the evenings once you need to be very careful.

Use risers or a plank to raise the incline. The head of the bed should be raised about six inches above the foot. You can stop stomach acid from staying in your esophagus by elevating your chest and head during sleep.

Try eating until you’re almost full.Sit down and take the time chewing and taste the meal. Eating too fast or past the point of feeling full can worsen acid reflux symptoms. A trick that may help you is to set down your fork on the table after each bite.

Eating big meals makes it more likely that you will suffer from acid reflux symptoms. A stomach that is too full puts pressure on the sphincter between the stomach and the esophagus, which causes it to relax.

Even shedding just a few pounds may create major relief.

Try not to drink between meals instead. Your lower esophagus sphincter experiences constant pressure whenever your stomach is filled with liquid. This makes acid and food in the stomach to raise back into the esophagus and destroy its lining.

Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol if you have frequent acid reflux. Alcohol can cause your stomach to produce more acid production. If you still decide to drink, limit yourself to one or two servings of an alcoholic drink to does not cause symptoms of acid reflux.

Check out nutritional labels to see how much fat the items have.

Do not eat during the three hours after your last meal. For example, if you hit the sack at 11, you should be eating your last meal before 8. The reason for this is that lying prostrate with a full stomach tends to increase pressure on the LES muscle.This is what can cause the acid reflux attack.

Acid Reflux

Millions of individuals all over the world deal with acid reflux. About 1/3 of the nation is affected with acid reflux. If you are someone dealing with this problem, make sure you take the tips in the article you just read and apply them to your everyday life to lessen the effects of acid reflux going forward.

By pauline