It is not uncommon for pregnant women or new mothers to develop hemorrhoids. They are primarily cause by increased pressure on the veins near the rectum. A lot of individuals suffer from them, but since it is an embarrassing subject to discuss they don’t bring it up. Read this article to get a better understanding of this condition and how you can treat them.

A long-term effective treatment for uncomfortable and painful hemorrhoids from forming is to eat a lot of fiber.Include foods that contain high amounts of fiber, including whole-grain breads, pastas, oatmeal and pastas. Fiber encourages bowel movement and helps to reduce straining that often leads to hemorrhoids.

Keep your anus clean as possible.Use moist wipes instead of toilet paper for cleansing as they are gentler and more comfortable to use. Taking a warm sitz bath will take the pain of hemorrhoids. Soak in it for no less than 20 minutes.

Applying heat after some ice on your hemorrhoids is an efficient remedy. You should put ice on the hemorrhoid for about 10 minutes daily, and then follow that with heat for approximately 20 minutes.

Ice Pack

You may be surprised to learn that there are items in your kitchen that will help relieve hemorrhoid symptoms. One home remedy is an ice pack.Applying ice pack offers relief from the soreness and tenderness that goes along with the condition.

One cause of hemorrhoids is pushing too hard when defecating. Eating healthier foods and downing plenty of water can make it easier to pass stools. Squatting can help pass a bowel movements. Use a small stool for your feet while you are defecating. Hemorrhoids are not a common in the world where the people squat instead of sitting.

Ice is commonly used to reduce hemorrhoid pain. Hemorrhoids usually involve a good bit of discomfort and pain.An ice pack can reduce both pain and pain. Alternate between an ice packs and a warm compresses. You can help your hemorrhoids by taking a warm bath before applying an ice pack.

As previously noted, painful hemorrhoids can occur with pregnancy and also after childbirth. This can be attributed to excess pressure in the pelvic region. By using the suggestions outlined above, you will be able to develop ways to prevent hemorrhoids and treat them if they occur. Also, you may discover that the frequency of getting hemorrhoids has decreased along with the severity of these painful attacks.

By pauline