In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie, “The 6th day”, a company could clone people in a few minutes, even being able to remove any disease. Today, DNA is used to perform a DNA paternity test or to link a person to a crime. A scientist can use DNA to clone people the same way it has been done with animals. But this is not a home gender test you buy on the Internet. It is about creating a copy of a human being, an issue that some people consider immoral. The problem is that cloning, as we know it, is still at a primary stage. Scientists’ knowledge is so limited that no one dares to clone a person. But will cloning be a good thing in the future?

What are the benefits of cloning?

Cloning can have many uses. Some are very positive while others are morally wrong. For example, if a person has a fatal disease and cloning could allow it to live, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Yes, it would, but some people think humans should let “fate” or “God” take care of things. There are also morally wrong uses that, although they have a positive effect, involve actions that go against basic moral principles. For example, one could clone soldiers and send the clones to war, leaving the “original” soldiers at home with their families. One could also clone people with specific genetic loads to be organ donors. In a worst-case scenario, cloning could make a person “immortal” by allowing it to be cloned every few years and thus never age.

Cloning in real life

In the movie “The 6th Day”, whenever someone needed a clone, they used a body as a mold to produce one. In this film, you could see a sort of “body farm” ready to be cloned for people. In some scenes, you could witness how the uniformed body transformed until it looked like the original one. In real life, this is not possible, or at least not yet. A cloned living being has to develop in the mother’s womb, be born, and grow, and so on. Also, unlike in the movie, the cloned living being will have its thoughts and memories. If they could clone a person today, his clone, although it would look the same, would have its thoughts, physical attitudes, etc. Cloning has not yet reached a stage where it can be considered helpful for people, but that day will arrive for sure.

By pauline